Friday, August 13, 2010

Scrapped ideas

These are the ideas I thought for Jet Animals which are now removed due to Jet Animal Timelines and Relatives' Requests.

I was going to make Dile, Dillo, Snappy and Rex be Adopted by Annoying azran and become friends with Rhino. But there will be no telling why would they break up their friendship with Rhino and join the Bad animals.
I was going to make Anna be obsessed with rats, especially rat tail soup but my cousin didn't like the idea so I decided a Marshmellow stew for her but now I think and a bowl of Melted Chocolate with Marshmellows will do.
I was planning to make a Triceratops as one of the six members of the team, but instead, I made T-Rex one of them.
I was thinking of making Rhino obsessed with grass sandwiches. But I didn't like the idea because of the cold sandwich I had which was awful. So I'm making Rhino have other types of Grassy dishes.
I was thinking of making Rex having a Squeaky voice, but it might be difficult for my cousin to get it right, so I'm going to give him a Malaysian accent instead.
I was going to make Snappy speak one syllable per open mouth but that might cause difficulties for my cousin to do the voice so I'm going to make him speak fast, like Kowaski.
Originally, I was going to make a bunny be the main villain of the show, but then, I thought a lion would be better, you will see him in a minute.
I was going to make Dile a Genius, but after watching Animal Face Off, I decided to make him a dummy instead.
I was going to make Stingy, A fat tailed Scorpion with opposable thumbs and a southern accent another main member. But instead, I decided to make him a Reccuring member.
I was going to make the Jet suits just appear out of nowhere just by saying "Combat mode" but my sister informed me that is magic. Since I hate magic. I decided to make the guys have Badges that active and form a jet suit when heard "Combat mode".
I was going to make Rhino a Funny member, but when I learn leader lessons from school, I made him more Responsible.
I was going to make every character have 5 fingers like my sister usually does. But now they seem to irritate me after watching many episodes of the Super Hero Squad. So I'm allowing no more than 4 fingers
There is more to be added in

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