Friday, October 22, 2010

Changes Between Now and 3004 (Jet Animals time)

Here are some unusual features occuring between now and 3004 (within Jet Animals)

A new city was formed by Malaysians in America in 2795.
Every animal gets anthropomorphicised.
Dinosaurs came back in 2550 after being cloned sucessfully.
Everyone now wheres a type of jumper than won't require overpants.
Nobody uses pennies anymore. Everything is in banknotes.
New cloning technology is now useful for the Endangered animals.
New cloning technology also allows the clone to live as long as a normal animal. And has the same tasty flavor of real animals.
Killing wild animals is only allowed if there are too many animals being populated.
Same for the trees if they were cloned too much.
People have more advanced technology, like a Time portal, an Alternate reality previewer and a dream come true bed.
21st century cars are still used. Hover cars are very rare and cost 1 million dollars to own one.
However, Old cars are slightly upgraded, like they run on reusuble oil and electricity.
Batteries never get wasted.
Pencils and Papers are made using cloned wood.
There will be new Robo Janitors, Cleaners, Servents and other robots that are at your service.
There will be moving paths and elevations for the old and weak and tired.
If there is any trouble, Call Jet Animals.

There may be more to come

Jet Animals Production Rules

I got a bunch of rules for my production team to follow so this show is appropreite

No breasts on any women, don't want any teen viewer to get distracted by them.
No Human ever joins the Jet Animals
No Edible animals on the Jet Animal team, they can go to the bad animals
Cannibalism and Vegetation diets are only allowed on the Bad Animals team. Every jet animal is an omnivore or Carnivore, even antelopes.
No human ears are visible unless they enlarge them in a cartoon way.
Every character has big googley eyes. Special characters can have other types of eyes.
Eating pork scenes will be shortened.
All humans will be either additional villains or citizens.
Every character has four fingers only.
Almost all humans will be look a like.
Jet Animals that already have natural wings are either disabled after and injury or they have no wings at all.
This show takes place in a fictional US city, in the year 3004.
Different human races will only be added with permission or request from different race fans of the show.
Nobody dies, AT ALL.
Dile cannot be a genius unless an occur makes him a smarty pants
Snappy will only do things for lettuce
Jet Animals will never be beaten.
Bad Animals will always be weak.
The Jet Animals will always get the good stuff while the Bad Animals always get the cruddy stuff.
No Blood, Gore, Sexual, Drug and Adult references. C'mon, it's a kids show for goodness sake.
Guest Appearances are necessary.
No normal Shadow effects or textures, Due to time and money.
No realistic body parts.
Everything is cartoony
No dinosaur accuracies, feathered raptors annoy me.