Friday, August 13, 2010


These are what inspired me to create this show.

What inspired me to get the idea of a show that features Jets is:
I've been watching a lot of Fairy shows that made me mad because of these pixie dust and stuff. I thought, if Jets are faster than fairies, why not think of a show about it.
What inspired me to make Rhino the leader of the gang is because Rhinos were my most favourite animals of all time. What made this black rhino actually Red is because I love the color red.
What inspired me to make Dile australian was probably a character from Crash Bandicoot called Dingodile who was my most favourite CB character, I loved how William Hootkins did his voice. What inspired me to make Dile idiotic was probably Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy created by Maxwell Atoms.
The Names of the Characters are based on their species names and what their characteristics are, like Rhino was named after the short common name of "Rhinoceros" and Dile was named after the ending bit of "Crocodile.
What made me do Anna was probably because of her species as an Anacounda and probably having a similiar name to one of my British Friends, "Anna Robinson".
What made me add in a Texas accent for Dillo was probably because I've been watching a lot of Cowboy films or probably because of Sandy from Spongebob Squarepants.
What made me do Snappy was, I had a funny interest with Turtles and I thought what if a Bite became a good guy. And the Genius bit was probably from Dexter's Labratory and how he speaks is based on Kowaski's way of talking from the Penguins of Madagascar.
What made me want to bring Rex to the show was probably because I am well interested in Dinosaurs. The T-Rex is my most favourite of all Dinosaurs. I also like Triceratops but I thought the Dino king should be one of the main 6.
I also prefer all of my characters to have no more than 4 fingers since I'm a fan of the Super Hero Squad.
The Idea of Anna having random floating hands appearing out of nowhere was inspired by one of my favourite game serieses, Worms.

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