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New Characters! BADDIES!


Slashmane is the leader of the Bad animal team. He is an African Lion who was the one who killed off Rhino's Parents. Now at age 43, He still wants to take over the world. Rhino will do anything to stop him from taking over. Despite the ultimate evil and power greed, Slashmane does not have very good combat skills and often runs away like a coward. He however has help from his Loyal servents who he pays 1 million dollars per duty. Slashmane is also calls his henchmen Nimcompoops and idiots because they mostly fail their missions. He often sends them to the bathrooms to scrub the toilets. Slashmane once called Dile an idiot when he had Dile, Dillo, Snappy and Rex as his minions. They joined sides with Rhino due to how rude Slashmane was. Slashmane will be voice by the creator of this show, ME!

Big Brawl Wolf is the Brawler of the Bad animals, Second in Comand and leader of a trio of the Main Bad Animal Henchmen. Big Brawl wolf is a big bad grey wolf from Canada. He likes to brawl and fight in a dustcloud. Big Brawl wolf also had a secret dislike to his master, Slashmane. Big brawl wolf also disgusts him for being a total weakling. He often goes to the gym to keep inshape so he can brawl some more. He however is one of the goodest Bad Animals. He is the only one who get presents from Santa Claus. However Slashmane disliked him being good at some times since he had a rule that all Bad animals are to remain bad and evil. Big Brawl Wolf's ultimate nemesis is Dile. Big Brawl Woll will also be voiced by me.

Rattle Giant is the only girl of the main Bad Animals. She is a Rattle snake who was born with the use of having limbs. Rattle Giant was also born with the ability to grow up to 100ft tall. She was also born without a rattle at the end. She didn't really mind though. She prefered to stomp buildings. Rattle Giant is also very clever and can draw many sketches of building a Ship, a tank or other vehicles or even buildings. Rattle Giant doesn't use her poisonous fangs very often due to her special powers. She is also an evil counterpart of Anna, a Female member of the Jet Animals. Rattle Giant is also ugly do to her fangs so no boy ever wants to get close to her, except Fangy which makes Anna jealous. Rattle Giant is played by my Sister, Sarinah Farooq.

Dragon bread is the last main member of the Bad Animals. He is a Central Bearded Dragon which is really a lizard we see today. He can shoot spikes from his chin when in Combat. The Spikes are very sharp and you can cut yourself. Dragon beard also uses individual detachable spikes from his hair as a throwing weapon. Dragon beard doesn't have a counter part of his own because he has no idea if Dillo, Snappy or Rex can be his very mortal enemy. He sometimes pokes others without noticing which sometimes angers the others. Slashmane at one time sat on his seat with spikes lying on the pillow. Slashmane often uses his beard to scratch Mosquito bites from his back. Dragon will be voice by Rizal bin Zakri


These are what inspired me to create this show.

What inspired me to get the idea of a show that features Jets is:
I've been watching a lot of Fairy shows that made me mad because of these pixie dust and stuff. I thought, if Jets are faster than fairies, why not think of a show about it.
What inspired me to make Rhino the leader of the gang is because Rhinos were my most favourite animals of all time. What made this black rhino actually Red is because I love the color red.
What inspired me to make Dile australian was probably a character from Crash Bandicoot called Dingodile who was my most favourite CB character, I loved how William Hootkins did his voice. What inspired me to make Dile idiotic was probably Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy created by Maxwell Atoms.
The Names of the Characters are based on their species names and what their characteristics are, like Rhino was named after the short common name of "Rhinoceros" and Dile was named after the ending bit of "Crocodile.
What made me do Anna was probably because of her species as an Anacounda and probably having a similiar name to one of my British Friends, "Anna Robinson".
What made me add in a Texas accent for Dillo was probably because I've been watching a lot of Cowboy films or probably because of Sandy from Spongebob Squarepants.
What made me do Snappy was, I had a funny interest with Turtles and I thought what if a Bite became a good guy. And the Genius bit was probably from Dexter's Labratory and how he speaks is based on Kowaski's way of talking from the Penguins of Madagascar.
What made me want to bring Rex to the show was probably because I am well interested in Dinosaurs. The T-Rex is my most favourite of all Dinosaurs. I also like Triceratops but I thought the Dino king should be one of the main 6.
I also prefer all of my characters to have no more than 4 fingers since I'm a fan of the Super Hero Squad.
The Idea of Anna having random floating hands appearing out of nowhere was inspired by one of my favourite game serieses, Worms.

Scrapped ideas

These are the ideas I thought for Jet Animals which are now removed due to Jet Animal Timelines and Relatives' Requests.

I was going to make Dile, Dillo, Snappy and Rex be Adopted by Annoying azran and become friends with Rhino. But there will be no telling why would they break up their friendship with Rhino and join the Bad animals.
I was going to make Anna be obsessed with rats, especially rat tail soup but my cousin didn't like the idea so I decided a Marshmellow stew for her but now I think and a bowl of Melted Chocolate with Marshmellows will do.
I was planning to make a Triceratops as one of the six members of the team, but instead, I made T-Rex one of them.
I was thinking of making Rhino obsessed with grass sandwiches. But I didn't like the idea because of the cold sandwich I had which was awful. So I'm making Rhino have other types of Grassy dishes.
I was thinking of making Rex having a Squeaky voice, but it might be difficult for my cousin to get it right, so I'm going to give him a Malaysian accent instead.
I was going to make Snappy speak one syllable per open mouth but that might cause difficulties for my cousin to do the voice so I'm going to make him speak fast, like Kowaski.
Originally, I was going to make a bunny be the main villain of the show, but then, I thought a lion would be better, you will see him in a minute.
I was going to make Dile a Genius, but after watching Animal Face Off, I decided to make him a dummy instead.
I was going to make Stingy, A fat tailed Scorpion with opposable thumbs and a southern accent another main member. But instead, I decided to make him a Reccuring member.
I was going to make the Jet suits just appear out of nowhere just by saying "Combat mode" but my sister informed me that is magic. Since I hate magic. I decided to make the guys have Badges that active and form a jet suit when heard "Combat mode".
I was going to make Rhino a Funny member, but when I learn leader lessons from school, I made him more Responsible.
I was going to make every character have 5 fingers like my sister usually does. But now they seem to irritate me after watching many episodes of the Super Hero Squad. So I'm allowing no more than 4 fingers
There is more to be added in

First Announcement of Jet Animals

Jet Animals is a Cartoon Show first going to be made in Malaysia by Me with the help of my Cousins and sister and probably her boyfriend. The Show takes place in the year 3004 in a Fictional American city of New Kuala Lumpar, founded by American Malaysians. The Jet Animals are the City's heroes and will do absolutley anything to save the city from the evil clutches of the Bad Animals. As a Member of the Jet Animal Team, each character pocesses a badge that will allow the member to where a metal suit complete with weapons and a jet pack from their backs when voice activated. There will also be humans but they are only background characters while some are minor or reccuring villains. This whole show will be mainly Anthropomorpihcised. These are the main heroes of the show.

Rhino is the leader of the Jet Animals, A Black rhinoceros (despite being red) who is also the main founder of the Team. He likes to hang out with the others and kick Bad guys' butts. Let me remind you that in this show, every character is omnivorous, even for a Rhino but he does enjoy any grassy dish. He was born in Africa but second later, his parents died due to Rhino's Arch enemy, Slashmane, who not only did that but also hynotised his 4 different species brothers. A Funny stick man named Annoying Azran (Named after my real name) found him hidden in the bushes. He took him to New KL and cared for him and Treated him like a normal being. Rhino is very intellegent and never get's fooled by anyone. I am preparing to do the voice of him.

Dile is Rhino's Second in Command and a former Bad Animal. He's an Australian Saltwater Crocodile who comes from the Opolan Mountain. Unlike others, Dile was born with a very tiny brain. Because of that, he's not very bright and he's very immature. He however has strong irresistance towards Steak, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb and other types of meat. He never passed any of his exams or tests or other School works at school due to him sleeping for 6 hours which ends school time everyday when he was young. When he got older, he tries to get a substitute job but keepings messing about. Not only is he Rhino's Second in Comand but he is also his best buddy. Dile will also be voiced by me.

Anna is the only female of the first 6 Jet Animals and also another co founder of the team. She into beauty fashion, make over and shopping. She has an obsesive crush of a Jet Animals normal member, Fangy, an ordinary poisonous snake. Despite the lip kissing, Anna can tolerate his poisions yet she's not a poisonous snake. Despite being a regular snake, Anna was born with the ability to pop out floating hands that she can easily control. Anna is also the only reptile able to grow hair. She usually enjoys a good bowl of Melted Chocolate with marshmellows for breakfast. She often hugs her boyfriend a little too strongly which can make him gasping for air. She's very good at combat skills and tells to other boys "You can't mess with a girl". She was formerly Rhino's Second in Comand untill Rhino liked Dile a lot. One of my cousins, Jazlin bin Zakri will do the voice of Anna.

Dillo is a great defender of the team and another former Bad Animal. He is a Nine-banded Armadillo from Texas, USA. He once was into cowboy stuff untill he went to New KL where he started his own Bowling career. He now likes to go to Bowling Alleys and roll about. Dillo is also well protected in his own armour which get's stronger in Combat Mode. Dillo enjoys a plate of Wormy Spaghetti and pretty much any buggy type of buggy dish. He also enjoys listening to Country Rock because it reminds him of home. Dillo however fears of big the bowling ball himself if any big guy picks him up and rolls him to the pins. That guy often gets a Strike. Dillo often never fails at Bowling and often gets a Strike. Dillo will be played by me.

Snappy is the most intellegent and the oldest of the team. Also a former member of the Bad Animals. He is an alligator snapping turtle who enjoys a salad bar, especially if it's filled with lettuces. Snappy never stops experimenting and always makes something very scientificly. Snappy also speaks very fast and uses very complex words, words that only Older kids can understand. Snappy does not like failed experiments and puts them in the trash can. Snappy also invents technology for various Jet Animal missions. Too bad he hasn't found away to make a lettuce making machine nor a time traveling machine. Snappy will be played by my oldest cousin, Razim bin Zakri.

Rex is the strongest of the team and is the last betrayer of the Bad animals. Rex is also the only prehistoric animal of the main 6 Jet Animals. He is a North american Tyrannosaurus Rex with a Malaysian Accent. Rex is one of those dinosaurs who was born official from Cloned dinosaurs since the year 2550. Rex is said to be able to lift up to 99 zillion+ tones. There is no telling how he can do that. Rex also has a fear of what if another meteor hit earth something when he's around. Despite the strength and scary looks, Rex is kind and friendly and is pure vegetarian. Rex is so far the latest member of the team. He only stayed Bad animal for a short time. Rex will be voiced by my 1 year younger cousin, Rizal bin Zakri.

Keep waiting for more Jet Animals Characters

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