Friday, October 22, 2010

Changes Between Now and 3004 (Jet Animals time)

Here are some unusual features occuring between now and 3004 (within Jet Animals)

A new city was formed by Malaysians in America in 2795.
Every animal gets anthropomorphicised.
Dinosaurs came back in 2550 after being cloned sucessfully.
Everyone now wheres a type of jumper than won't require overpants.
Nobody uses pennies anymore. Everything is in banknotes.
New cloning technology is now useful for the Endangered animals.
New cloning technology also allows the clone to live as long as a normal animal. And has the same tasty flavor of real animals.
Killing wild animals is only allowed if there are too many animals being populated.
Same for the trees if they were cloned too much.
People have more advanced technology, like a Time portal, an Alternate reality previewer and a dream come true bed.
21st century cars are still used. Hover cars are very rare and cost 1 million dollars to own one.
However, Old cars are slightly upgraded, like they run on reusuble oil and electricity.
Batteries never get wasted.
Pencils and Papers are made using cloned wood.
There will be new Robo Janitors, Cleaners, Servents and other robots that are at your service.
There will be moving paths and elevations for the old and weak and tired.
If there is any trouble, Call Jet Animals.

There may be more to come

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